Pets 'make owners happy'

Monday, 4th April 2011

People who invest in cat scratch posts and dog chew toys for their four-legged friends may be doing so because of the happiness they bring to them.

Research by the Pet Food Manufacturing Association (PFMA) has revealed that 81 per cent of people - be they pet owners or not - believe a pet is the cure to a bad mood.

The PFMA surveyed over 2,000 adults. Findings revealed that pet owners rate themselves as being happier than those who do not have a pet.

It also showed that 60 per cent of owners said that having a pet made them happier overall, while a similar amount said their pet makes them feel more relaxed.

When it comes to cheering themselves up, pet owners turn to their animal above everything else to lift their spirits, while non-pet owners use music, chocolate or a partner.

According to the results, 46 per cent of people in the UK now own a pet.