Pet skunk on the loose in Lincolnshire

Tuesday, 24th May 2011

A skunk is missing its pet food after digging its way out of a garden in Lincolnshire and escaping into a nearby forest.

Wendy Dickinson and daughter Alyss Dickinson have appealed for anyone with information on their one-and-a-half-year-old pet to get in touch after it went missing last Friday (May 20th), reports the Lincoln Echo.

Ms Dickinson revealed that her skunk, called Phoebe, is not used to surviving by herself as she's been hand-reared since she was three weeks old.

She told the news provider: "She's not like a skunk as you might think of them, she doesn't bite and would only ever spray if she was seriously threatened by, say, a dog or something.

"We're worried about a farmer shooting it, or people putting poison out in the garden, she's our pet and we need her back."

Anyone with information should contact Wendy Dickinson on 07961 902732 or Pet's Cabin on 01522 523630.