Pet owners feeding dog food to their very own Cheryl Cole?

Wednesday, 9th February 2011

A large number of pet-owners in the UK may be feeding dog food to their very own Cheryl Cole, a new survey has found.

Research commissioned by National Geographic for its Nat Geo Wild TV channel found that the singer and X-Factor judge was the top choice for people looking to name their dog after a female celebrity.

Ozzy - after Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne - was the top celebrity name choice for a male dog, which was followed by Boris and Arnie. Other male favourites were Bono and Elvis.

The survey of 3,000 people found that Cheryl Cole came ahead of other top celebs. The second most popular name was Posh, after Victoria Beckham. Also featuring in the top five were Lady Gaga, Grace Kelly and Beyonce.

In terms of traditional dog names, findings revealed that Alfie was the top choice, which was shortly followed by Buster and Barney.