Pet food should be produced in firms' 'own manufacturing plant'

Tuesday, 4th January 2011

Pet food should be produced in a firm's own manufacturing plant, according to an expert.

Kristina McConaughey, a veterinarian at US-based Greenbelt Veterinary Hospital & Pet Resort, expressed her belief that it is very important that producers do not outsource the manufacturing process and introduce good quality control procedures.

She said: "This shows that the company is invested in the quality of their product. Companies that use third-party manufacturing plants have much less control over the ingredients and preparation of their food.

"These third-party manufacturing plants have lead to the majority of pet food recalls in the recent past."

Ms McConaughey added that pet owners should also ensure the pet food is produced by companies who invest in research and development as products as they "are always evolving to meet the most current research".

Furthermore, consumers should look at the ash content of foods as this is an indicator of the quality of the product.