Pet food 'can help with arthritis'

Friday, 23rd September 2011

The right pet food and Vitamin C can help to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis in guinea pigs, an expert has said.

Dr Pete Wedderburn, a vet who writes for the Daily Telegraph, was asked by a reader about how to treat her arthritic guinea pigs.

The reader wrote to the vet asking if there was any daily pain relief, explaining that they hadn't yet been taken to the vet.

Dr Wedderburn told them to take the animals to the vet as soon as possible and explained what to give the animals to reduce their suffering.

He wrote: "The most common cause of painful swollen joints in guinea pigs is Vitamin C deficiency, which is why they should be given a diet rich in fresh vegetables.

"A daily dose of 50mg Vitamin C in a commercial form should be added to the food or water if there's any doubt about the adequacy of the diet."

According to, arthritis is a condition where the animal's joints become inflamed, which often results in pain, heat and swollen joints.