Pet ferret wanders into house

Wednesday, 4th January 2012

A ferret that someone had cared for with pet food surprised a woman in Larbert when it wandered into her home.

The Scottish SPCA arrived at an address in Falcon Drive where a friendly male ferret, which has now been named Frank, had let himself into a house.

Robyn Cooper, an animal rescue officer, said: "The lady was very surprised when Frank came through her front door as she had spotted him in her garden earlier bud disappeared.

"As she was leaving her house he turned up on her doorstep and let himself in! He's a very affectionate ferret which suggests he has been someone's pet."

She added that Frank is probably a stray but the charity is not ruling out the possibility that he was abandoned.

His fur is yellow in parts, which means he could have been outside for a few days before he turned up at the house.

The SSPCA is hoping someone will recognise the animal and come forward.

Ferrets are accepted as pets under the EU’s PETS travel scheme. They must be microchipped, vaccinated against rabies and documented.