People feeding pet food to furry friends with human names

Monday, 11th July 2011

An increasing number of Brits may be feeding dog food to a Charlie, Molly, Bella or Max, as human names have become more popular for furry friends.

According to research by John Lewis Insurance, Brits are rejecting traditional names such as Rover and Fido in favour of more humanistic names.

The most popular name for both dogs and cats was Poppy, while there was also a trend to name pets after well-known celebs such as J-Lo, Shakira and Clint Eastwood.

It also revealed that pets are being named after favourite foods and drinks, with names such as Twix, Caramac, Pepper, Honey and even kebab and sushi making the list.

John Brady, head of commercial at John Lewis Insurance, said: "Our analysis has found that when it comes to inspiration, owners will look far and wide to get their perfect pet name - from the shopping basket and the silver screen to literary characters or even their favourite drink.

"What is clear is that human names dominate."