Owners sacrifice own diets for pets

Friday, 11th January 2013

Pet owners in Europe are known for being besotted with their animals, so it's no surprise that research conducted by analyst Mintel has revealed a high level of dedication when it comes to making sure they get the nutrition and taste sensation they deserve.

A number of reports from the company show that only 13 per cent of dog owners in Spain have cut spending on their pet food, in spite of the harsh economic conditions that have resulted in a 27 per cent unemployment rate.

Elsewhere, more than a third (37 per cent) of participants from the UK revealed they would rather sacrifice the quality of their own diets than their beloved felines' and canines' meals.

The market research has sparked a trend of premium pet food labels, with companies rushing to fill the niche in the market.

Euromonitor International has even gone as far as to predict consumer spending on dog food will grow 17 per cent to $48 billion over the next three years - two percentage points above packaged food.