Owners advised to use natural pet products

Wednesday, 2nd February 2011

UK consumers have been urged to use natural pet products on their animals and avoid those containing harmful chemicals.

An article on One India Living underlined the health benefits of using organic and natural goods as they can help eliminate costly trips to the vets.

It said: "Various pet care products may contain harmful chemicals that may cause various external and internal problems to your pets, ultimately leading to heavy veterinary expenses

"Caring for your pets with nutritious, organic pet food, holistic natural pet care medicines and natural pet shampoos is now becoming increasingly popular."

The article added that 'green' pet litter made from recycled newspaper, corn or wood chips are ideal as they are non-poisonous.

Furthermore, it also underlines the benefits of holistic or natural pet foods as they contain healthier and nutrient rich ingredients than traditional products.

Those who clean their animals should opt for organic shampoos and soaps, it added.