New food for sporty pets set to be released

Thursday, 10th January 2013

As sports and fitness enthusiasts across the world continue to glug down protein shakes and isotonic drinks, a new pet food for sporty pets has been developed, with a release date in the US set for later this month.

Developed by Nestle as part of the popular Purina Pet Food line, the new grub is designed to help animals keep up with their owners' exercise habits, enabling humans and pets to spend even more time together by sharing a workout.

Steve Crimmins, chief marketing officer for Nestle Purina Pet Care, says pet owners are becoming sportier and developing a growing propensity to take their pets along with them when they go for a job.

The product has therefore been created to help pets keep up with their owners, whilst also encouraging higher levels of participation in pet agility contests, whereby animals are led through an obstacle course by their owner.

There is currently no confirmed UK release date for the food, but if sales are successful across the pond then it shouldn't be too long before Britain's pets get their paws on the new product.