More owners taking out pet insurance because of recession

Tuesday, 27th September 2011

There has been an increase in the number of owners taking out pet insurance so that if they are faced with a large vet bill, they can continue buying pet food and taking care of their animal.

Chris Newnham, marketing manager at Animal Friends Insurance, an ethical pet insurance company, explained that the pet insurance market is very strong at the moment.

He explained that most owners know that if their pet has an accident, coupled with rising vet bills, the cost of treatment can "soar".

"Pet owners don't want to have to give their pets up because of a large bill, so pet insurance is a fall-back feature [in] their lives that allows them some peace of mind when it comes to accidents, knowing they'll have some financial support," Mr Newnham said.

He added that it has become much easier for people to compare pet insurance policies thanks to websites such as and