Lost pet parrot found in Chester Zoo

Wednesday, 23rd February 2011

A couple from Wirral could now go back to buying pet food online for their lost Blue-fronted Amazon parrot after he turned up at Chester Zoo.

Jerry and Irene Williams went missing on November 21st after the parrot, named Jack, flew out of an open rear door.

The couple went on a campaign to find the exotic bird, putting up posters and posting notices on animal rescue website, but their efforts came to no avail.

However, Andy Woolham, team leader of parrots and penguins at Chester Zoo, spotted Jack on a fence outside an aviary enclosure.

Mr Woolham said: "I could tell he was ravenously hungry so I enticed him down with a grape. No parrot can resist a black grape."

Mr Williams revealed that he was devastated when Jack went missing as he had had him for ten years.

"When the zoo called to say they'd found him I was absolutely speechless. I was amazed," he said.