Latest dog attack highlights need for change in law, charity claims

Wednesday, 25th January 2012

A young girl was recently attacked by a Staffordshire Bull Terrier in Essex leading to some people calling for the breed to be put on the banned list.

However, animal charities have said this attack highlights the need for the Dangerous Dogs Act to be changed so that emphasis is placed on responsible ownership.

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home issued a statement saying that calls to put Staffies on the banned breeds list will not address the problem of dangerous dogs.

It states: "This is a knee jerk reaction that will penalise many responsible owners and their animals for the actions of a few. Sadly dog attacks do happen and they can involve a wide variety of breeds.

"The problem is largely down to how the owner has trained and socialised the dog rather than the animal itself."

Taking a similar stance, the Blue Cross said that while this was a tragic incident, we should not assume that all dogs of a certain breed are dangerous because of the actions of one animal.