Kitten rescued from chimney

Thursday, 10th March 2011

Cat food was one of the things a kitten from Nevada was after being stuck in a chimney for three days.

Ashley, a three-month-old kitten, was discovered in the chimney after being discovered by a landlord who heard the cat meowing somewhere in his property, the Daily Mail.

The Washoe County Regional Animal Services were called out and they were able to determine that the kitty was stuck in the chimney, but they could not gain access to get her out.

Eventually, the Fire Department were able to break into the chimney to rescue her.

Vonice Reed, cat care manager at the Washoe County Regional Animal Services, is quoted as saying: "When Ashley came in, she was covered in soot, cold, and very hungry.

"Animal Services staff gave her a warm bath and a meal and she perked right up. She is a bit timid, but loves to cuddle. Soon she will be ready for a loving home."