Keeping your pet healthy during the holidays

Friday, 23rd November 2012

Holiday preparation is about to get underway and keeping your pet healthy can be a challenge as other tasks become prioritised.

In light of this there are some considerations you should make in preparation for the festive season. Pet food is the first thing to keep in mind, and with household food in abundance over Christmas, try not to be tempted to give your pets treats such as chocolate or meat that may contain bones.

Tom Grady of Star News Online advised: "As a general rule of thumb, it is never a good idea to feed your pet table scraps, especially from the high-fat foods that are typically found on a holiday menu."

Decorations should also be cautiously thought out because animals are curious by nature and can be drawn to intriguing changes in their environments. Cords or lights can cause a nasty accident and tinsel and other decoration material can cause health issues if ingested.

Finally, be conscious that the traffic volume in your house is likely to increase around the holidays, which can disrupt the day-to-day routines and put stress on your furry friends. Try to adhere as closely as possible to your pet's regular feeding and exercise schedule, eliminating any chance of extra stress or discomfort.