Justin Bieber gives away his pet hamster to hysterical fan

Monday, 17th December 2012

Teen pop sensation Justin Bieber gave away his beloved pet hamster to a screaming fan following a gig last week.

The Canadian star had just got off the stage following his performance at the Jingle Ball in Atlanta on Wednesday (11th December) when he began signing autographs for the hoards of fans awaiting his appearance backstage.

However, rather than just giving out his signature to placate the crowd, Bieber took things one step further when he singled out a girl to take his hamster Pac.

In a video posted on the celebrity gossip website TMZ.com, Bieber can be seen saying "you gotta take care of PAC," and the girl replying: "I will take care of him."

It marks the end of a beautiful relationship between the pair, with Bieber posting numerous pictures of his pet on his Instagram account.

The social media-savvy hamster, who will no doubt be tucking into new pet food offered by his new owner, also attracted over 5,000 followers to his Twitter account.