Jewellery designer creates bespoke pieces for pet owners

Friday, 15th July 2011

Owners who splash out on high quality cat food and dog food for their beloved four-legged friend may be interested in buying a bespoke piece of jewellery based on their pooch or kitty's features.

Jackie Kaufman creates jewellery based on their pooch or moggie's nose or paw print, making casts of images sent in by the owners.

The jewellery designer revealed how she got into this unusual business.

"A customer in Canada told me her dog was very ill and she would love to be able to have a remembrance of this beloved pet," she said.

"I told her if she was able to get a print, either paw or nose, I would be able to make the piece and cast it for her."

Since she set up the business, Ms Kaufman has sold over 1,700 pieces of jewellery for pet-loving owners.

People can turn the casts into a number of different accessories, including belt buckles and necklaces.