'Increase pet food portions' during the winter

Friday, 28th January 2011

Britons should increase the portions of pet food they give to their animal during the winter, it has been claimed.

Dr Vivian Jamieson, a veterinary specialist in ophthalmology, compiled a list of advice for animal owners and underlined the importance of feeding pets more in cold weather.

"If you must leave your pet outside for portions of the day this time of year, it is important to increase their food amount since increased calories are required to keep warm.

"By providing a diet higher in protein your pet's fur will be in tip-top shape," she wrote on the Tonic website.

Dr Jamieson added that they should provide their animals with a regular supply of water and ensure that it is not frozen.

Furthermore, plastic bowls should be used rather than those made of metal, she added, as the water is less likely to freeze.