I wouldn't gopher it: Schofield in hot water over guinea pig feast

Wednesday, 7th November 2012

TV presenter Phillip Schofield found himself on the receiving end of animal lovers' fury recently after he ate a guinea pig during a trip to Peru.

The telly legend, who delighted children alongside Gordon the Gopher in the 1980s, tweeted about the experience and even posted photos via his Twitter account.

'Just had a very lovely lunch with our guide, Rowly. Yes that is a Guinea Pig on the table in front of us,' he wrote.

However, pet lovers were having none of it, with several berating Schofield for his decision.

'How could you?? They are little pets not dinner' tweeted one.

Mr Schofield remained steadfast, responding with the post: 'A) I'm not vegetarian B) I also eat rabbit C) What's the difference?'

Guinea pig is a staple of Peruvian restaurants, often grilled whole and served on a platter. Guinea pigs require a decent pet food and appropriate living conditions for a happy life