Horses should be on 'personalised' pet food plan

Wednesday, 26th January 2011

Consumers should develop a customised pet food plan for their horses, it has been claimed.

Mike Brown, a specialist equine vet, expressed his belief that horses, like humans, can become bored of the same food and so owners should ensure they feed their animals a varied diet which is tailored for their needs.

He told the Southland Times: "Horses are like humans in that they must not be too regimented and become bored by the same working schedules every day.

"Too many horses get fed and worked the same way with no individuality applied in big teams."

Mr Brown added that no two horses are the same and that, if they are racehorses, their performance level can be improved by offering them a personalised diet.

Horse trainers should keep in constant communication with their vet, according to Mr Brown, in order to identify any relevant deficiencies.