Horses need balanced pet food

Friday, 20th April 2012

Horses need to have a balanced diet of pet food in order to keep them healthy, an expert has said.

Lauren O'Hagan, dressage trainer with, explained that horses are accident-prone creatures that need to be treated carefully.

She said: "All my horses are fed on really good-quality haylage and bedded in really deep beds on really good-quality, dust-free straw. So they're not likely to injure themselves if they roll in the stable or anything. They're all fed a balanced diet."

Ms O’Hagan added that horses are athletes, so owners must ensure that they are properly warmed up and cooled down before every session.

She also noted that all of her horses wear protective boots when they are taken out into the field. 

Horses are prone to a number of disorders, including internal parasites, colic and laminitis. They can also develop several infectious diseases that can be prevented through a routine vaccination.