Heroic pets set to be honoured

Monday, 14th January 2013

The Veterinary Hospital in Plymouth is searching for the city's bravest pet, who it intends to decorate with a Braveheart award, as well as a nifty voucher for Hill's pet food.

Among the nominees for the award are a list of animals who have overcome the odds to beat serious injuries and illnesses, including Bertie the Labrador who survived a cancerous tumour, according to the Plymouth Herald.

The eight-year-old had originally been diagnosed with benign lipoma, but later required surgery – involving some skin loss – when the cancer began to grow. Fortunately, the expertise of first-class vets and the loving care of his owners helped Bertie make a full recovery.

And it's not just animals who have been displaying courage lately, after a woman in Dorset entered a burning building to rescue her pet hamsters.

Steve Waller, district commander with Dorset Fire and Rescue, is urging owners not to put themselves in danger for their pets, insisting it is the job of the fire service to rescue animals from fires.