Glasgow University to celebrate the unique bond between pets and owners

Tuesday, 27th November 2012

Glasgow University academics and students are to be given the chance to give thanks to their pet cats and dogs with a special ceremony this week.

The Scottish university already boasts a stellar reputation for caring for household pets, with its Small Animal Hospital, as well as its vet school, credited with being among the best in Europe.

Now Glasgow's pet-friendly status looks set to be enhanced even further with a special thanksgiving ceremony for cats and dogs at the university chapel this week.

The non-religious ceremony will see guests invited to bring their four-legged friends along, with human snacks and pet food to be provided, or provide a picture of a past friend, which will be projected onto the walls of the chapel.

Announcing the plans, the university’s Reverend Stuart MacQuarrie told STV that he was keen to celebrate the “unique bond” between humans and animals and the “unconditional love” pets give their owners.

Just recently, scientists working at Glasgow University warned that dogs belonging to smokers are often forced to inhale the equivalent of up to 15 cigarettes per day.