Four in ten 'hate' their neighbour's pets

Thursday, 10th March 2011

Four in ten people in the UK say they hate their neighbour's pet, new research has revealed.

Price comparison website found that the most common complaints were dogs barking throughout the night and cats using their gardens as toilets.

This may come as a surprise to many pet owners, who invest in cat and dog food as if the animal is a family member and do not realise the effect their pet is having on their neighbours.

Phil Paterson-Fox, from, said: "It can be difficult to approach neighbours as in many cases, owners treat their pets as another member of the family!

"However, if an issue can be resolved early, the chances are everyone will get on brilliantly."

Other complaints people cited include cat footprints on cars, unpleasant smells and crying cats.

The research also revealed that one in 20 people have moved house because they could not bear to live next door to the offending pet any more.