Five million Brits confide in their pet regularly

Wednesday, 20th June 2012

Over five million Brits regularly confide in their cats and dogs, with 20 per cent of owners speaking to their pet for over an hour a day.

The survey by More Than Pet Insurance found that a quarter of owners talk to their pets more than their partners, while one in eight even rehearsed their vows in front of their animals.

Topics of conversation include relationships, work, relatives and money matters. Findings also show that 36 per cent of owners claim to have confessed their deepest secrets to their cats and dogs.

Relationship psychologist Corinne Sweet said: "It's a well-known psychological fact that talking to our pets can relieve stress, anxiety, loneliness and a wide range of other uncomfortable feelings.

"Pets don't judge, talk back or complain. Instead they listen well, have open minds and faces and enable their owners to freely unburden themselves."

She added that people should not underestimate the part pets play in our lives and it is not surprising that animals are our best friends.