Facebook for pets has arrived

Thursday, 6th December 2012

With social networking constantly on the rise it's about time our pets got in on the act, which is why Martin Bowen from Wales has set up A4Animals.com, a social networking site for animals.

The former city trader set up the website after the death of his beloved Labrador Ben, and says it is designed for people who wish to pay tribute to their pets by uploading photographs and stories.

According to the Metro, the site has already received over 12,000 views with from all over the world, with visitors from as far afield as Japan and Egypt.

In true Facebook fashion, A4Animals also contains a range of social networking pages that allow pet owners to connect with other animals' profiles and build up a community of pet friends.

Mr Bowen says he is currently in negotiations with a major pet product retailer about future branding and investment, and hopes to expand the site into a resource offering advice on pet care and animal health in general.