Expert offers advice on pet bereavement

Tuesday, 6th March 2012

Pet bereavement can sometimes be worse than human loss and there is not the same level of support there for people coping with their death, an expert has said.

Caroline Davis, who is writing a book on the issue and has written for a number of pet magazines, told that in many cases grief over the loss of a pet is hidden.

She told the news provider: "You find people are able to talk to other friends or relatives when someone has died, but they find it difficult to talk about a pet's death because the same level of support isn’t there because it’s 'just an animal' but that pet might be the only friend or companion that person has."

Ms Davis noted that when a pet becomes injured or sick, the kindest thing to do is to take responsibility and do the best by the pet rather than thinking of the animal as a human.

She added that she hopes people will realise pet bereavement is nothing to be frightened or ashamed of and that their feelings are "totally natural".