Examine your pets' diets

Wednesday, 2nd January 2013

Examining the type of cat or dog food your much-loved moggy or pooch consumes could help you to ensure they enjoy a long and healthy life.

While the start of January brings many a New Year's resolution, these annual pledges rarely focus on our furry friends.

But the usual mix of promises about losing weight and staying healthy could certainly be applied to those cats and dogs in our lives which may have grown a little portly over the Christmas period.

Helping your pet to enjoy a healthy diet with plenty of exercise thrown in for good measure should be a top priority for careful and considerate owners.

It's something that US-based veterinarian Dr Katy Nelson believes should be an important factor for those owners investing in new pet food online.

"If your pet has been eating the same food for some time, it may be worthwhile to examine whether their food is the optimal diet for your pet," she told Wtop.com.

She called on owners to talk with a qualified veterinarian, read labels and ingredients and do plenty of research online.