Escapist hamster causes £1,000 worth of damage

Wednesday, 2nd May 2012

An escapist hamster managed to cause up to £1,000 worth of damages after going missing in the family car.

The animal, which was aptly named Houdini, was bought as a present for Victoria Cooper’s daughter, Heather.

Houdini was in two cardboard boxes but it managed to get out and on the run in the car.

Ms Cooper called the RAC and they dismantled the car, eventually finding the little creature under the bonnet.

The damage to the car is estimated to cost £250 but it is thought the eventual bill could come to more than £1,000.

And the commotion was not over yet. The next day, Houdini managed to escape its cage and almost end up in the jaws of the family cat.

Ms Cooper told the BBC: "I don't have any regrets at all. I love animals and my daughter's face when he was brought out just made it worth it."