Ensure pet food label 'identifies animal type'

Tuesday, 1st February 2011

Pet owners should ensure they know exactly what type of meat is used in pet food, it has been claimed.

Olivia Pires, store manager at Kriser's For Your Pet's All-Natural Life in Valencia, California, advised consumers to only purchase pet food which contains a named meat such as chicken or beef.

She told the Signal website: "Meal is rendered down meat, without water, that's ground. It still ensures adequate protein from a meat ingredient, but you want to know if it came from a chicken, a cow or what kind of animal."

The majority of pet food brands contain grains as the main ingredient, which Ms Pires claimed is not a natural component of a pet's diet, while many also contain preservatives.

"Your pet may seem fine on a certain food, but we're looking more long-term," she told the news provider. "A poor diet can cause lots of issues, such as obesity, diabetes and joint pain."