Edinburgh opens first pet passport hub

Wednesday, 5th September 2012

People in Scotland are now able to take their pets on holiday directly from Edinburgh, rather than going through English boarder inspections.

Edinburgh Airport has opened its PETS Animal Reception Centre, meaning animals can have their passports checked there. The centre was opened by Extrordinair, a freight forwarding company.

Sylvia Fleming, managing director of company, said: "Our new facility at Edinburgh Airport means that animals flying into Scotland can be reunited with their owners within hours of touchdown, provided that they have a valid pet passport or EU third-country health certificate and comply with Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) regulations."

Before this service opened, owners had to fly their pets via London or Manchester airports, as they were the only places that had approved animal centres.

The Pet Travel Scheme was introduced earlier this year and allows people to take their animals abroad without quarantine so long as they meet the regulations, such as being vaccinated against rabies.