Drunk Staffie spared after mauling boy

Wednesday, 26th October 2011

A 'good natured' Staffordshire Bull Terrier was saved from being put down after mauling a ten-year-old boy because the dog’s owner had given the it a can of Stella Artois.

Magistrates decided not to have the dog put down after an animal psychologist said the blame was not with the Staffie, but with its owner.

The behavioural expert said: "Just like humans drinking outside in the sun, it would have had effects on the dog's brain.

"I can't recommend the uncle be put down - but I'll plead strongly on the dog's behalf."

Carolann Dickson, the boy's mother, said it was "disgusting" that the dog, named Diesel, would not be put down, adding that her son has nightmares over the incident and that he has to live with his scar.

According to the Daily Mail, Magistrate Barbara Harvey said that if the dog bites anyone again, it will not be given a second chance.