Don't leave dog food outside, experts warn

Tuesday, 13th September 2011

Dog food and cat food should not be left outside as there is a risk that it will attract wildlife to your garden.

That is according to the Southeast Area Animal Control Authority, which offered some top tips to on how to keep your pet safe from wildlife.

It states: "Wild animals can be expert foragers. Leaving food outside (leftovers, pet food, trash or anything else) can be an invitation to wild creatures.

"Make sure wild animals cannot get into your home through open doors or windows, including dog doors … Lock and secure your doors and windows before you go to bed."

Last week (September 7th), Wales Online reported that a family's ten-year-old pet dog was attacked by a rat in their garden.

Ollie, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier was bitten by the rodent while playing at the end of the garden.

Samantha Boidge, Ollie's owner, said her first instinct was to get her kids inside.