Dogs and cats in Bangkok perform together on stage

Tuesday, 24th May 2011

The creators of a new show in Bangkok have had to invest in both cat and dog food as the production involves ten pooches and one cat.

According to the Bangkok Post, the show, named Dog and Cat First on Stage: Thailand Fantasy The Musichong, also has six human actors.

This is the world's first stage play performed by cats and dogs.

Wanwilai Boonlon, the director of the play, told the news provider: "It's really touching to see the man-and-dog relationship and how the dogs are so obedient in executing the commands.

''Their eyes are always on the trainers, waiting for the next command and they are probably asking, 'What do you want me to do, master?"

The charity project has been developed between the Kasetsart University, the Tourism Authority of Thailand and Royal Canin pet food.

Proceeds from tickets sales will go towards building Kasetsart University's animal hospital.

The show tells the tale of the owners of a tour company who get into financial problems because of a decline in tourism to Thailand, meaning they cannot keep their four dogs.