Dog whisperer aims to prick some ears up

Tuesday, 8th January 2013

The world's most famous dog whisperer is coming to the UK for a seminar tour, in which he hopes to open owners' eyes – and ears – to the world inhabited by their pets.

Cesar Millan, who has helped Hollywood A-listers such as Nicholas Cage and Scarlett Johansson improve their relationships with their pet pooches, says humans need to become more in touch with their instincts in order to truly understand the world of dogs.

The Trust Your Instincts tour aims to teach owners how to think like an animal, therefore helping them to develop closer relationships with their pets.

Mr Millan will share his secrets on how to read a dog's body language in order to gain an appreciation of what drives their behaviour, thus allowing people to communicate more effectively with them.

While dog whispering may help some people tune into the same wavelength as their four-legged friends, it doesn't change the fact that the way to a dog's heart will always be through its stomach, and the best way to win a canine over is still with a nice big bowl of dog food.