Coventry residents happy to buy pet food

Monday, 9th May 2011

It appears that people in Coventry are happy to buy pet food as the RSPCA centre in the area rehomes the most animals of most other rescue shelters.

According to the Coventry Telegraph, the RSPCA's Allesley sanctuary, in Coundon Wedge Drive, is in the top ten centres for rehoming in the centre.

Centre supervisor Louise Labram spoke about the type of people that offer abandoned or unwanted animals a new home.

She told the news provider: "The people we get are terrific. But the staff here do a terrific job. They've got great people skills and they know how to get people interested in an animal.

"It's important we have a good mixture of animals too."

The Allesley sanctuary has room for 40 dogs and 60 cats at any one time and they also have a lengthy waiting list of pets looking to be put into the centre.

Last year the centre rehomed a total of 1,084 animals, including 535 cats and 315 dogs.