Could Jurassic Park become a reality?

Tuesday, 26th March 2013

It may sound like a Hollywood movie script, but a team of scientists have actually put forward a proposal to bring a number of extinct species back from the abyss.

If the plans become reality then pet owners interested in unusual animals could soon have the chance to adopt a dodo or even a giant woolly mammoth, although dinosaurs are thought to be out of the question as their DNA is too old.

The idea of 'de-extinction' - which uses DNA samples from animal remains to create a new living creature - was discussed at a recent TEDx conference in Washington DC, sponsored by National Geographic.

Among the animals being considered are a species of flightless bird called the moa and a type of zebra called the quagga.

Of course, if these animals do ever become domesticated then pet food manufacturers will have a real job on their hands to keep all the new species well fed.