Charlie the most popular name for cats and dogs

Wednesday, 9th May 2012

The most popular name for cats and dogs in the UK is Charlie, with a number of other human names making the top ten lists for both animals.

That is according to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, which found that Jack, Alfie, Lily and Ruby are also names that were present in the most popular names for cats and dogs.

Louise Taylor, lost & found assistant at the charity, said: "Many people attribute human feelings to their dogs and cats, so it makes sense that we'd give them human names too.”

Along with these human names, the charity also noted that a number of pets that had been brought in had less usual names. Other animals being cared for by the charity are called Hero Pig, Armadilo, Batman, Big Dave and a there is a Yorkshire Terrier called Megatron.

Ms Taylor added that unusual names can suit pets. "Big Dave was a large, confident cat who was a real character, while one of the dogs called Gucci was a Chihuahua who loved being the centre of attention."

Last year, 8,904 animals were cared for by Battersea. Of these, 40 per cent had been brought in by their owners and already had names.