Charity urges owners to get rabbits neutered

Friday, 15th April 2011

People who buy pet food online for their bunnies should think about getting them neutered, if they have not already done so.

This is because animal charity The Blue Cross is urging owners to get their rabbits neutered after witnessing a 65 per cent increase in the number of unwanted bunnies.

Katie Stiles, small animal coordinator at the charity, said: "We've had lots of unwanted litters in, including some babies that we had to hand-rear which was the first time we've done this.

"They'd been left helpless after their own mum had a hysterectomy operation and couldn’t care for them and their owner was unable to cope with the round the clock care and attention they needed."

She added that neutered rabbits are also generally happier and healthier because they are at less risk of developing diseases and behavioural problems.

Ms Stiles also revealed that rabbits are very sociable and prefer to be kept in pairs and if they are not neutered, then this can result in over-breeding.