Campaign launched to teach people about rabbit food

Thursday, 28th June 2012

A charity has launched a campaign to educate rabbit owners about what pet food they should feed them.

The RSPCA's What Bugs a Bunny campaign recently found that many people do not know what food is best for their rabbits, with a lack of grass and hay in many rabbit's diet.

Animal scientists Rachel Roxburgh said: "Even some of the most committed owners do not fully understand what foods are best for their rabbits’ health and welfare.

"Insufficient hay and grass can ... health problems and have an impact on rabbits' psychological wellbeing.

"Good quality hay should be the main source of their food - seeing it merely as a bedding material."

The charity also wants to inform people that rabbits do not naturally eat root vegetables, cereals or fruit, and they should not have iceburg types of lettuce at all.

Both carrots and fruit are high in sugar, so should only be given in small amounts as a treat.

It is hoped that this campaign will help to improve the welfare of rabbits across Britain.