Brits splash out on pets at Christmas

Friday, 23rd November 2012

Brits spend more on their pets than they do on their grandparents at Christmas, a new report has found.

A new report has found that pet owners will be spending more on pet treats and nice pet food than they will on their grandparents this Christmas. Based on interviews with 10,000 shoppers, the study found that a third of shoppers will be swapping buying boxes of chocolates for juicy bones for their pets.

Some of the gift lists amounted to hundreds of pounds for pets – far more than the rest of their owner's family. This will total to £86 billion this year, with pet owners once again showing how much they enjoy treating their pets as a priority over other things.

Above buying new toys and presents for your pets, it is important to realise that Christmas can be a stressful time for them, with their environment being constantly changed. Keeping their feeding and walking routines standardised may be the best present of all for animals this Christmas.