Blue Cross issues bunny health advice

Wednesday, 10th October 2012

The Blue Cross has provided some choice tips for rabbit owners in the autumn 2012 edition of their Blueprint magazine.

In particular, rabbit food is on the agenda. Your long-eared friends spend around 70 per cent of their waking time eating, and their diet is important. It should consist of good quality hay, and encouraging rabbits to forage for it is a great way to replicate their behaviour in the wild.

In addition, treat balls are a fantastic idea, and by hiding them around the enclosure you'll be helping your bunny to stay fit too.

High-sugar foods are best avoided, but root vegetables are perfect, the Blue Cross says.

It's also vital rabbits have hiding spaces and obstacles to navigate – they're favourite activities are exploring and tunnelling after all. The charity suggests rabbit toys should be rotated regularly to keep them interested.