Animal lover moves horse into her house

Thursday, 12th January 2012

A woman from the Hebrides has had to fill her home with pet food and accessories after moving her horse indoors following a row with her neighbours.

Stephanie Noble now shares her home with Grey Lady Too, a three-year-old horse. Ms Noble said she had "no choice" after the animal was dumped on her doorstop on Christmas Eve.

She had initially planned to house the horse in an outbuilding, but one of her neighbours said the building belonged to him, so she arranged the animal to move to some stables. However, the stable owner and Ms Noble fell out and Grey Lady Too was returned to her.

Ms Noble told the Daily Record: "I was faced with the choice of leaving her out in the cold or bringing her indoors and I chose to bring her in.

"The council has told me that there is no problem with me having the pony living with me but it is not ideal."

A spokesman for Western Isles Council added: "We don’t encourage people to keep horses in their homes."