Adopt a turkey this Christmas

Thursday, 22nd November 2012

As many of us prepare to serve up turkey for Christmas lunch, an innovative pet campaign in America is appealing to families to adopt one of the birds, claiming that they make "amazing companions".

From Christmas food to pet food it seems as though the turkey is changing its appeal, at least in some homes. Thanksgiving is being celebrated in the US and more than 46 million of the big birds are set to be served, but one campaign group run by Farm Sanctuary in New York is urging families to adopt a turkey, rather than serve it up as traditional food.

Susie Coston, the company's national shelter director, from Watkins Glen, New York, told the Daily Mail: "I believe they make amazing companions, but they are different than cats or dogs."

Turkeys can’t be brought indoors for one thing and keeping the big bird involves taking on more responsibilities. But some people have admitted to preferring them over the traditional household pets, saying they are unique in their appeal and offer something rustic to the home.