42% of Brits would pick pet over partner

Wednesday, 9th February 2011

Almost half of Brits (42 per cent) of Brits claim they would pick their pet over their partner if it came down to it.

That is according to new research by M&S Money, which found that 63 per cent of people in the UK would cancel a date if their cat or dog was ill.

However, the research also found that 42 per cent of dog owners have pet insurance.

This figure is even lower with cat owners, with the survey revealing that only 26 per cent have pet insurance for their feline friend.

Andrew Ferguson, head of insurance at M&S Money, said: "Our survey shows that Britain is truly as a pet-loving nation.

"It is surprising, therefore, that ownership of pet insurance remains relatively low. Taking out insurance can avoid the need for large payments when your pet needs treatment.

"Pet owners should make sure the policy they choose offers the appropriate level of cover."