£2 million pet shelter opened in Plymouth

Thursday, 22nd November 2012

A new £2 million animal shelter has been opened in Plymouth offering pet medications and other treatments to animals of local people in need.

The veterinary practice will offer free treatment to animals for local residents and will replace the old hospital which was struggling to cope with a 45 per cent rise in pet patient numbers.

It is thought the new centre will be the largest PDSA hospital in the country and will provide treatment to around 110 pets every working day as well as administering 55,000 veterinary treatments annually, ranging from emergency operations to preventive procedures such as neutering and vaccinations.

The charity's Director General, Jan McLoughlin, said the PDSA provided an essential lifeline to pet owners across the country.

She said: "This new hospital will make a huge difference to thousands of local people and their beloved pets, and I am delighted to be declaring it officially open."