Woman fined for not taking Whippet to vet

Monday, 30th January 2012

A woman who did not take her Whippet to the vet when it needed pet medication has been fined £500 for causing unnecessary suffering to it.

Maxine Davenport, 37, failed to take the dog, Zero, to the vet after its weight plummeted dramatically, reports thisisstaffordshire.co.uk.

She told the RSPCA that she could not afford to take Zero to get proper medical treatment when she called for their help on August 1st.

North Staffordshire Magistrates Court heard how the dog was "days from death" when the RSPCA was contacted. The animal has since been put down.

Roger Price, prosecuting on behalf of the animal charity, is quoted as saying: "Something could have been done and should have been done a lot earlier.

"While it may not have resulted in the dog surviving it would have reduced its suffering.

"She told the RSPCA she was aware dogs from that same litter had intestine problems. A reasonable person would have paid particular attention to the animal because of this."

Ms Davenport’s defence said that she had altered Zero’s dog food after noticing he was unwell and was "mortified" at how he ended up.