Westie discovers venomous scorpion

Monday, 28th May 2012

A West Highland Terrier was lucky not to need pet meds after discovering a venomous scorpion outside her home in Lanarkshire.

The eight-year-old dog, named Skye, found a Florida bark scorpion, which although not deadly, can cause intense inflammation and sickness with its sting.

Skye’s owner contained the yellow and black scorpion in a plastic tub with air holes and contacted the SSPCA.

Ashley Griffin, animal rescue officer at the charity, said: "The man who found this scorpion wasn't fazed at all and was able to contain it without any trouble, which is pretty remarkable as I'd imagine most people would have panicked.

"Skye definitely deserves a lot of credit for alerting her owner as it's a small scorpion which could easily have come to harm."

He added that someone probably bought the animal back from Florida in a suitcase without realising.

A Florida bark scorpion can grow to around four inches as an adult. They are native to Florida and are very comnmon there.

The one discovered was around three centimeters suggesting it is young.