Vets see surge in owners giving pets human medication

Wednesday, 14th December 2011

Owners should only give their animals pet medication that is meant specifically for them as they can have adverse reactions to human treatments.

That is the warning being issued by  Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance, which has published research showing that 65 per cent of vets have seen an increase in the number of animals being brought in with bad reactions to the human medication they have been given.

Helen Williams, Head of Sainsbury's Pet Insurance said: "The findings from our research are extremely worrying. Administering human medication to a cat or a dog could seriously damage its health and although owners doing this may feel like they have its best interests at heart, they could actually be causing it more pain and suffering."

The research showed that one vet surgery reported that it takes two to three calls a day from owners whose pets had reacted to human medication.

It notes that paracetamol can cause liver and kidney problems, while anti-depressants can cause vomiting, lethargy, violent tremors and even seizures.