Vets encourage better dental care

Tuesday, 7th February 2012

Owners should invest in pet dental products to make sure their oral health is up to scratch, vets have said.

According to the Wall Street Journal, 89 per cent of dogs seen at the Banfield Pet Hospitals in the US suffer from dental disease. This figure is 83 per cent in cats.

Many vets now say that it is best for owners to brush their pets' teeth every day as this can help prevent them getting tooth pain and cavities.

Signs that an animal is suffering from dental disease include bad breath. This can be a sign of tartar build-up, gingivitis and periodontal disease.

Kris Bannon, president-elect of American Veterinary Dental Society, told the news provider that the best way to brush pets teeth is by starting when they are a kitten or puppy.

She said that owners should build up slowly, letting them lick the toothpaste off the brush for a few days and keep actual brushing to a short time until you are able to clean the whole mouth.